fastERA.digital is born

Thanks to modern digital technologies it is possible to reach any potential customer: the company must know how to listen to users and stimulate them by conversing with them, until they are ready to buy, and even later, creating a lasting bond with them. Digital Marketing takes care of this: to turn a simple visitor of the company channels into a real Ambassador. fastERA.digital is the new fastERA division that deals with Digital Marketing and Communication and that helps companies to create the right communication for the right target to address, by defining the most appropriate strategies, tactics and... read more

fastERA inaugurates its new headquarters

Today, fastERA inaugurates its new headquarters in the historic center of Varese, bringing together in a completely new context, Milan and Varese branch offices. Management, sales, systems engineers and developers can now then work closely improving synergies and transfer of skills thereby improving the service to its... read more