The fastERA® group is founded

12 years of successes, 4 divisions and a new image: the fastERA® group is founded.

fastERA, a company specializing in ICT, Cloud Computing and Virtualization, has redesigned its organizational structure in the shape of four divisions.

fedeVarese, 17 February 2015 – “For our group, today is a day to remember” says Diego Sampaoli, CEO of the fastERA group. “We’re presenting ourselves to the market with new services, with a new organizational structure that has been redesigned to better satisfy the needs of our Customers, and with a new look that represents what we do at group level: We transform ideas into technological solutions”.

The business idea of fastERA, a group founded in Varese in 2003, is based on the goal of bringing ICT and cloud technologies to small and medium-sized companies that are often less computerized than larger organizations, and for whom investment in technology tends to be more of a burden. “Technology should be a tool that facilitates the work of businesses, bringing increased value to the individual and consequently to the state system” – explains fastERA’s CEO.

Following the initial significant results obtained in Varese, the group broadened its horizons in 2009, first of all founding fastERA Swiss, gaining access to the Swiss market, and then opening a new office in the heart of Milan in 2013. Today FastERA announced the creation of the fastERA group and the organization of the team into 4 dedicated and specialized divisions that work in synergy. In the words of fastERA’s CEO: “We want to continue to offer the market quality services and solutions at competitive prices”.

The range of solutions offered is therefore divided into four divisions: OGICloud,, and

  1. OGICloud,for virtualization and cloud computing, is a private cloud platform developed and managed by fastERA that provides quick access to a tailored ICT infrastructure. The effective use of this solution involves no fixed costs, thanks to a modest monthly fee.
  1. for systems support and integration of ICT architectures. This division supplies consulting services (service management and professional services), offering knowhow that can solve any technological need or problem for a business enterprise.
  1. for the design, development and integration of software solutions and tailored applications for businesses of any size (for years, one of the main customers has been a leading international TLC operator). The certified, dedicated team uses a specific methodology that begins by gathering requirements in order to implement projects aimed at meeting the needs of companies from all industry sectors.
  1. specializes in renting out workstations and meeting rooms for time-based needs. The model is that of co-working (associated with the Co-working Project network by Cowo®), which implies the actual sharing of temporary offices where it is possible to work in contact with staff from other organizations, while keeping individual activities separate and promoting “business networking”: the sharing of ideas and the creation of synergies.

Since 2003, the company has grown at a fast pace. As Sampaoli states: “the fastERA team comprises a group of experts that train regularly every day to maintain and increase their knowledge. The team is made up of the most skilled people in their specific fields, and their knowhow is the ingredient that sets us apart from the competition”.

The group aims to achieve double-digit growth in the OGICloud division and consolidation of the fastERA brand, having extended a range of services that is increasingly competitive at international level.

The fastERA group was founded in Varese in 2003. It specializes in the ICT and cloud computing field, and has offices in Italy and Switzerland. With an eye for technological innovation and great attention to detail, the group has developed technological projects and solutions that simplify the activity of business enterprises, making it more efficient in terms of productivity, an issue linked to management of the IT infrastructure, so as to increase their competitiveness. Ever since it was founded, the group has invested regularly in both training and research & development, succeeding in establishing itself as the partner of choice for small/medium enterprises and for start-ups, providing advanced technology solutions for the management and optimization of their businesses.
In addition to cloud computing activities, fastERA provides system integration services, design, development and integration of software and custom applications for businesses. It also offers workspaces based on the co-working model.

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