We make technology available to users through 6 Divisions highly specialized and synergistic.
Each division boasts highly qualified professionals and collaborators able to guarantee assistance for all the solutions provided.

Private Cloud platform that guarantees companies security, flexibility and scalability of the virtual machine as needed, lower costs and under control related to actual consumption, remote accessibility at any time, greater data protection, IT outsourcing and 24×365 support .

Dedicated system support and integration of ICT architectures for the resolution of any technological need or problem in the company, through identification of the best IT solution for each situation, implemented and managed together with the company or on behalf of the same; with intervention in a short time.

Development of applications and software customized to the needs of the individual company and at affordable costs, whether it is to create a new project, whether it is integrate new solutions to projects existing or third-party hardware and software.

Specialized in Digital Marketing and Communication, she develops winning ideas to communicate the company starting from the creation of the Brand Identity, through the development of the website, up to the promotion of the product through all the tools of the digital world.

Offices, open space workstations and co-working meeting rooms in our fastERA® offices in Varese (Italy) and Mendrisio (Switzerland) to work in a stimulating, technological and productive environment and create synergies between professionals.

Fast and unrestricted internet connection for all needs: OGILink® 4G, wireless connection wherever you are; OGILink® FLEX, connection according to consumption; OGILink® FIBRA, FTTC and FTTH fixed network connection; OGILink® IOT, for the internet of things.


You still don’t know which division you need to turn to? Contact us, we will analyze your needs together!