fastERA® boasts a long experience in the IT sector and ITC, always offering customized and tailor-made solutions

fastERA® group , is the multinational group made up of fastERA® Srl, fastERA® Swiss SA and OGILink srl, which oversees since 2003 the evolution of technology making it available to users through 6 Divisions highly specialized and synergistic.

In addition to providing the best existing technology on the market, fastERA® creates technological solutions that do not yet exist on the market, starting from an idea or a specific problem.

Each division of the group boasts highly specialized professionals and collaborators able to guarantee assistance for all the solutions provided.

fastERA® Group: a story of solidity and growth



Varese, January 7, 2003. A group of partners, with a solid shareholding structure, founds fastERA® srl . The business idea is valid and the company’s growth is fast and solid.


Mendrisio (Canton Ticino, Switzerland), 3 August 2009: fastERA® enters the Swiss market with the establishment of fastERA® Swiss SA , 63% controlled by fastERA® Srl.




Varese, 4 October 2010. first division of fastERA® is born: OGICloud® , the cloud for businesses and companies.


Milan, 15 July 2013. fastERA® group inaugurates a new office in the heart of Milan .


In 2014 fastERA® redesigned the organizational structure and the divisions became the following:

  • OGICloud® for virtualization and cloud computing
  • systems for systems support and integration of ICT architectures
  • solutions for the development of customized software solutions
  • center with coworking solutions in Italy and Switzerland



fastERA® obtains for the first time the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 “Provision of Cloud Services” certification for Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The company expands its commercial network and invests in a new communication plan to further expand its customer base and be increasingly competitive nationally and internationally.


fastERA® boasts an annual growth of 28% of customers and 22% of new hired talents. The group’s annual turnover exceeds 2,000,000 euros.

OGILink® 4G is launched: wireless internet connection for companies and individuals.


fastERA® opens the new office operating in the historic center of Varese, in via Carlo Robbioni, thus bringing together the two offices of the group.


Thanks to the success of the OGILink® 4G product, OGILink srl was founded, a company controlled by the fastERA group ® .

The sixth division is also born: , specialized in Digital Marketing and Communication.


OGILink srl also introduces the fixed network connection – OGILink® FIBRA – and the Internet of things connection – OGILink ® IOT .

From the same year, OGICloud® uses the hyperconverged infrastructure aCloud” of Sangfor, leader in the sector, to provide its own virtual server service.


OGILink srl introduces the new online shop and the pay-as-you-go connection – OGILink® FLEX


The ViWin® version is released with the portal dedicated to resellers.

Sangfor’s hyperconvergence also lands in fastERA® Swiss .

And that's just the beginning of our story ...

to the customer

Our goal: dedication to solving companies’ technological problems and growing their business.

of innovation

Where the technological solutions already available do not arrive yet, we create the new technology necessary for your company.


The teams of our divisions are made up of highly qualified, certified and team-oriented professionals.

and flexibility

Simple and precise processes followed with rigor and professionalism make us quick in making decisions and effective in executing.


Solutions that simplify the work of companies and promote their performance, with the utmost attention to safeguarding the planet.

Diego Sampaoli

Sole Director fastERA® S.r.l., President and GM fastERA® Swiss S.A, Administrator OGILink srl

Expert in the ICT sector, Diego was the first to understand the potential of fastERA Srl, since 2009.
Passionate and profound connoisseur of information technology, he led the company through a rapid development path, transforming it into a multinational reality.


Alessandro Cocchiararo

Head of the division

In fastERA group since 2012, Alessandro coordinates the team dedicated to the division and manages consulting services in the systems and networking field (services management and professional services).


Bettina Tagliarini

Head of administration and human resources

In fastERA group since 2012, Bettina manages all aspects related to corporate and industrial accounting.
She is also responsible for personnel management.