The “Sistemi & Impresa” magazine dedicates an entire article to fastERA

(section: Notizie dale Imprese | p. 13).

Enhance your IT projects with fastERA

Last October, three new fastERA co-working centres were inaugurated in Milan, Varese and Mendrisio.


Diego Sampaoli – CEO of the fastERA group

Since then, the experiment seems to have worked, so much so that they have now become a hotbed for ideas and a professional meeting centre where start-ups come together to launch innovative projects in the field of technology. “The co-working spaces that fastERA offers young people are a way to get to know each other, discover new opportunities to do business and, why not, test fastERA cloud solutions directly” explains Diego Sampaoli, CEO of the fastERA group.

It is from similar development projects that in recent years the group has drawn the lifeblood to compete in the IT sector, with a complete offer designed to support businesses that require increasingly new solutions that are aligned with current market standards. “Since 2003, the fastERA group has presided over the evolution of technology, making it available to businesses through four highly specialized and synergistic divisions (ogicloud, fastera.systems, fastera.solutions, fastera.center) – continues Sampaoli – “We feel innovative because we are capable of creating technological solutions that do not yet exist on the market. We start from an idea or a specific problem for which there is not yet a solution on the market, and create new technological solutions that allow you to obtain what you need.”

The scalable and tailored cloud, affordable to all.

Despite being a “pocket-sized” multinational company, the fastERA group competes on the IT service scene with a proposition aimed at that portion of the market that consists of medium-sized companies that are keen to revive their businesses by injecting innovation into their IT systems.

The 4 vertical divisions enable the company to provide business support for solving any technological problem and implementing any solution or idea in support of new or old business processes. Each division provides maintenance and support for the solutions provided, 24 hours a day throughout the year.

It represents an obligatory step for those who decide to assist companies in their transition from a traditional IT model based on in-source management of machines to the outsourcing of expertise and technology imposed by the cloud. A paradigm that is changing drastically the models through which companies sell their products, but which, for some companies, represents the only IT model with which they can do business with (see Uber, Airbnb, Facebook & Co.).

All companies created recently and which, thanks to the power and flexibility of the cloud, have been able to build fully-virtualized empires worth billions of dollars.

The hard core of fastERA’s offer is called OGICloud, a cloud computing platform designed, built and managed by fastERA, which hosts solutions accessible at any time and from any location, using any device connected to the Internet (PCs, tablets, smartphones, both Windows and Mac). The solutions available on OGICloud are designed to optimize and simplify your work, making it more efficient in terms of productivity, and reduction of costs and complexities associated with managing the IT infrastructure. OGICloud is of course hosted in fastERA’s cloud centers; environments equipped with sophisticated security systems (physical and logical) that guarantee data protection and are compliant with ISO27001 requirements.

fastERA sponsors the M2M forum.

fastERA has announced its participation as a sponsor at the M2M forum to be held on 28th and 29th April at the Ata Hotel Expo Fiera in Pero.

It is an international event dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) that allows exhibitors and visitors to interact on technology capable of allowing machines and objects to communicate with each other.

The event is an important opportunity to meet an audience that is interested in this technology, while also providing a stage for all players in a process that presents services and innovative solutions with a view to pursuing new B2B opportunities. fastERA’s cloud computing solutions play a strategic role within the IoT given that they allow the circulation of data and information, making them available to the user whenever and wherever necessary.

This year, the CEO, Diego Sampaoli, will speak during the session dedicated to insights on issues regarding innovative technologies that constitute the ‘central nervous system’ of the M2M/IoT infrastructures.