Primo Bonacina interviewed Diego Sampaoli, CEO of the fastERA group

Primo Bonacina, Managing Partner, PBS – Primo Bonacina Services, expert of the IT sector, careful and curious Manager, has interviewed Diego Sampaoli on the theme: Cloud Computing.

Diego Sampaoli

Diego Sampaoli, CEO of the fastERA group

Good morning Diego, nowadays you hear a lot about Cloud Computing and virtualization. You have been very active in this field for more than ten years. Tell us what the cloud is to fastERA.

The Cloud for fastERA is called OGICloud. This is our Private Cloud platform, which we developed in 2003 and since then, our dedicated team has continuously updated, maintained and operated. Thanks to OGICloud, you can have in a very short time an IT infrastructure tailored to your company, without any initial investment and with a contained monthly cost according to actual consumption. If necessary, you can also integrate our services with your already existent IT infrastructure.

But there is more… all services available on OGICloud are always accessible, even remotely, in complete safety, and from anywhere using any Internet-connected device.

But what are the differentiator elements and strengths of OGICloud?

It is a platform developed and maintained by fastERA. Our highly skilled and competent technicians are able to “get their hands dirty” to the last bit, because they know it perfectly, and this is for me synonymous of guaranteed quality.

Another aspect that differentiates us is the ability to support our customers through dedicated developments with a time to market reduced to a minimum.

And then there are the four Ss of OGICloud!

The 4 Ss of OGICloud? In other words?

  • Safety, guaranteed by our certified Cloud centres
  • Superavailability: 2 Cloud Disaster Recovery Centres geographically connected between them for each Region (currently two regions: EU and Swiss) and daily backups
  • Scalability: through the dedicated control panel, each user can resize the resources according to the needs of his company
  • Support: fastERA technicians are always at your disposal, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Projects, ideas… for the foreseeable future?

Yes many… The most imminent? On 28th and 29th April 2015, we will sponsor the M2M forum… but not only… it will be the stage for the major commercial debut of a “new” Cloud system. Visit us at our booth to try our cloud, the real one!