fastERA.digital is born

Thanks to modern digital technologies it is possible to reach any potential customer: the company must know how to listen to users and stimulate them by conversing with them, until they are ready to buy, and even later, creating a lasting bond with them. Digital Marketing takes care of this: to turn a simple visitor of the company channels into a real Ambassador. fastERA.digital is the new fastERA division that deals with Digital Marketing and Communication and that helps companies to create the right communication for the right target to address, by defining the most appropriate strategies, tactics and... Read More

fastERA inaugurates its new headquarters

Today, fastERA inaugurates its new headquarters in the historic center of Varese, bringing together in a completely new context, Milan and Varese branch offices. Management, sales, systems engineers and developers can now then work closely improving synergies and transfer of skills thereby improving the service to its... Read More

Milan November 2015 | Save the date! We are sponsoring the ICT festival.

The festival ICT, now at its third edition, is the setting we have chosen to launch the new ideas we have in store for the autumn and that affect our innovative Private Cloud Computing platform: OGICloud. We decided to participate in this event as sponsors because it is “new, original and revolutionary”, with regards to its provision of logistical stands too. It is an event dedicated exclusively to B2B and ICT professionals. The conferences will focus on the most important and current ICT issues. For further information about our participation, please email: info@fastera.com... Read More

28/29 April 2015 Ata hotel Expo Fiera| M2M forum

The M2M Forum is an important occasion for fastERA. It is an international event dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) which has been attracting an increasing number of visitors since 2002 (the most recent edition was attended by 1,200 participants from 19 countries). We are also present this year as one of the sponsors, and we hope to surprise you with “disruptive” innovations: the cloud is the base-technology for IoT and our new solutions have been designed with this objective in mind. In keeping with our style… we will be present with a demo, and you will be able to bear witness to the ease of use of our solutions! Want to “build” your cloud in 5 minutes? With us you can! To subscribe to the M2M... Read More