The “Sistemi & Impresa” magazine dedicates an entire article to fastERA

(section: Notizie dale Imprese | p. 13). Enhance your IT projects with fastERA Last October, three new fastERA co-working centres were inaugurated in Milan, Varese and Mendrisio. Since then, the experiment seems to have worked, so much so that they have now become a hotbed for ideas and a professional meeting centre where start-ups come together to launch innovative projects in the field of technology. “The co-working spaces that fastERA offers young people are a way to get to know each other, discover new opportunities to do business and, why not, test fastERA cloud solutions directly” explains Diego Sampaoli, CEO of the fastERA group. It is from similar development projects that in recent years the group has drawn the lifeblood to compete in the IT sector, with a complete offer designed to support businesses that require increasingly new solutions that are aligned with current market standards. “Since 2003, the fastERA group has presided over the evolution of technology, making it available to businesses through four highly specialized and synergistic divisions (ogicloud, fastera.systems, fastera.solutions, fastera.center) – continues Sampaoli – “We feel innovative because we are capable of creating technological solutions that do not yet exist on the market. We start from an idea or a specific problem for which there is not yet a solution on the market, and create new technological solutions that allow you to obtain what you need.” The scalable and tailored cloud, affordable to all. Despite being a “pocket-sized” multinational company, the fastERA group competes on the IT service scene with a proposition aimed at that portion of the market that consists of medium-sized companies that... Read More

Primo Bonacina interviewed Diego Sampaoli, CEO of the fastERA group

Primo Bonacina, Managing Partner, PBS – Primo Bonacina Services, expert of the IT sector, careful and curious Manager, has interviewed Diego Sampaoli on the theme: Cloud Computing. Good morning Diego, nowadays you hear a lot about Cloud Computing and virtualization. You have been very active in this field for more than ten years. Tell us what the cloud is to fastERA. The Cloud for fastERA is called OGICloud. This is our Private Cloud platform, which we developed in 2003 and since then, our dedicated team has continuously updated, maintained and operated. Thanks to OGICloud, you can have in a very short time an IT infrastructure tailored to your company, without any initial investment and with a contained monthly cost according to actual consumption. If necessary, you can also integrate our services with your already existent IT infrastructure. But there is more… all services available on OGICloud are always accessible, even remotely, in complete safety, and from anywhere using any Internet-connected device. But what are the differentiator elements and strengths of OGICloud? It is a platform developed and maintained by fastERA. Our highly skilled and competent technicians are able to “get their hands dirty” to the last bit, because they know it perfectly, and this is for me synonymous of guaranteed quality. Another aspect that differentiates us is the ability to support our customers through dedicated developments with a time to market reduced to a minimum. And then there are the four Ss of OGICloud! The 4 Ss of OGICloud? In other words? Safety, guaranteed by our certified Cloud centres Superavailability: 2 Cloud Disaster Recovery Centres geographically connected between them for each... Read More

fastERA sponsors the M2M Forum 2015

fastERA, company specialized in Cloud Computing and Virtualization, renews its presence at one of the most important international events related to the IOT. Diego Sampaoli, CEO of the Group, will speak during the session “The chain of 2.0 IoT: 3G/LTE, Device Management, and Smart Data Centres”   Varese, 7th April 2015 – fastERA announces its participation as a sponsor to the M2M forum which will be held on 28th and 29th April at the Ata Hotel Expo Fiera Pero (Milan). This will be an international event dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) that allows exhibitors and visitors to confront themselves on a technology capable of making machines and objects communicate with each other. The event will provide an important opportunity to meet the public interested in this “disruptive” technology. It is a showcase that allows all players in the process to expose services and innovative solutions to pursue new B2B opportunities. fastERA cloud computing solutions, within the IoT, play a strategic role because they allow the circulation of data and information, making them available to users whenever and wherever necessary. Last year, fastERA was present at M2M with a PoC that showcased a safe connection between appliances, with minimal latency times, wherever they were located. This year, Diego Sampaoli, CEO of the fastERA group, will speak during the session dedicated to insights on issues related to the most innovative technologies that constitute the “nervous system” of the M2M/IoT infrastructure. During his speech, he will present the new Private Cloud platform: OGICloud by fastERA. Sampaoli, through a live demo, will show how it is possible to “create” in 5... Read More

Milan November 2015 | Save the date! We are sponsoring the ICT festival.

The festival ICT, now at its third edition, is the setting we have chosen to launch the new ideas we have in store for the autumn and that affect our innovative Private Cloud Computing platform: OGICloud. We decided to participate in this event as sponsors because it is “new, original and revolutionary”, with regards to its provision of logistical stands too. It is an event dedicated exclusively to B2B and ICT professionals. The conferences will focus on the most important and current ICT issues. For further information about our participation, please email: info@fastera.com... Read More

The importance of the indirect channel

The year 2015 will be a turning point, full of radical changes for our company. Besides expanding the business and reorganizing the company into four divisions, we have also defined a new indirect channel policy. Our private cloud platform, OGICloud, is indeed well-suited to selling by way of VAR (Value Added Reseller). We strongly believe in a certified channel and our model comprises 4 levels of collaboration, from Silver to Diamond. For details of the full program, the recruitment process and the benefits that it offers.  CONTACT US... Read More