A STORY of solidity and growth



Varese, 7 January 2003. fastERA srl is founded by a group of partners with a solid shareholder structure. The business idea is viable and the company’s growth is both fast and strong.

► 2009

Mendrisio (Ticino, Switzerland), 3 August 2009. Constitution of fastERA Swiss SA; 63% controlled by fastERA Srl. In addition to developing its Italian market, the company takes the strategic decision to enter the Swiss market.

► 2010

Varese, 4 October 2010. The company creates the OGICloud division for virtualization and cloud computing.

► 2013

Milan, 15 July 2013. fastERA group opens a new office in the heart of Milan.

► 2014

In 2014, fastERA redesigns its organizational structure, with the following divisions:

OGICloud for virtualization and cloud computing fastERA.systems for systems support and integration of ICT architectures fastERA.solutions for the development of customized software solutions fastERA.center for co-working

► 2015

Obtains the Certification ISO/IEC 2007:2013 “Provision of Cloud Services”  for Information Security Management System

The company expands its sales network, investing in a new communication plan to broaden its customer base and become more competitive at international level.

► 2016

OGILink: Internet for your business in LTE 4G

The company boasts a convincing annual growth in terms of customers (28%) and new hired talent (22%). The annual turnover of the group exceeds EUR 2,000,000. And this is just the beginning of our story.

► 2017

fastERA opens new office in via Robbioni in the historic center of Varese, gathering the two italian branches of the Group.


The company creates the fastERA.digital division specialized in Digital Marketing and Communication.


Diego Sampaoli

Diego Sampaoli

CEO of fastERA Srl, President and General Manager of fastERA Swiss SA

Thanks to his solid experience in the ICT sector, Diego was the first to realize the potential of fastERA S.r.l., as early as 2009.
With a passion and great expertise in information technology, he led the company through a rapid development path.
Thanks to the efforts of his entire team, the fastERA group is now a multinational company with an annual turnover of more than EUR 2,000,000.


Dedication to the Customer

The fastERA group has only one goal: total dedication to solving the technological problems of enterprises and the growth of their businesses.

Promotion of Innovation

The fastERA group makes technology available to businesses. Where available technological solutions have not yet arrived, the fastERA group creates the necessary new technology.


The divisional teams of the fastERA group consist of passionate, highly-qualified and teamwork-oriented professionals.



The fastERA group is a lean and flexible multinational company that bases its philosophy on simple and precise processes that are implemented with rigor and professionalism.
This allows the company to make quick decisions and execute them effectively.


All the solutions that we design help simplify the work of enterprises and promote their performance.
We do all this with the utmost care to protect the planet.

of fastERA group


Advanced cloud solutions for businesses


Technological support for businesses


Customization, design and development of software and applications for companies


Flexible and complete co-working solutions


Digital Marketing and Communication